The One Where He Found Lessons Worth Sharing

This week we were asked by Dr. Couros to dive into one of the many OER repositories that he shared with us. The one I chose was Ted Ed.

I love Ted Talks! More importantly I love hearing people talk about topics that they are passionate about. I love surrounding myself with people that are passionate about things that interest them, it doesn’t mean I will become a avid participant in their passion but it is neat to feed off of their passion. So that is why when I saw the list of available options to learn more about I chose Ted Ed. That and the fact that I originally heard about kid president through a Ted Talk.

You take up space. You matter.

Let’s Dive In

The first thing I noticed about this website was all the available lessons across various grade levels and subjects.

Here is a screen shot of some middle grade Math lessons

I used it a couple times this week in class for science and math.

Here was a screenshot of a video I used to get the students thinking creatively
Here is a screenshot of the actual riddle the students had to solve

I found the videos very engaging for my students and it would be a good way to get them hooked on a topic.

Initial Thoughts

I found there was quite an extensive library of videos to choose from in many different grades and subjects. Although when I think of the word “lesson” I don’t think you could use these videos for more than a set or hook in your lesson plan. I find that these videos would supplement a longer lesson in one of your classes.

The neat thing about each video is there are categories on the side of the screen that the students can participate in.

4 different categories that engage the viewer throughout the lesson

These categories range from simple multiple choice questions about the video to thought provoking discussions you could have in the class.

Creating Your Own Content

Another feature to this website is that you have the ability to create your own lessons. I figured I would create a lesson to go along with what we are discussing in science class right now about mining resources.

Before I could begin I had to create a free account which was super easy.

Next I had to find a video that I wanted to use. CAUTION: the videos have not been vetted by Ted Ed so you need to preview them before sharing with students.

Here is video I found about coal mining

The video I chose about coal mining talked about Donald Trump in the description which made me leery about using it because I wanted the focus of the lesson to be about mining resources and not a debate about politics. After I previewed the video it had one 4 second blurb about Trump supporting coal and that is why the one worker voted for him. so I figured I would still use the video because it didn’t really take away from the main focus of the lesson.

Screen shot of my lesson I created

The thing I liked about creating my own lesson was that I could decide the questions asked of the students. The above screenshot is some questions I created to guide our discussions.

A screen shot of my finished lesson and stats that I can follow to see how many students participated

Once I finished my lesson it created a page for me to go and look at all my stats.

Time to share my lesson

The best part about creating your own video content is that there is an option to share it to your Google Classroom.

Final Thoughts

This website is worthy of sharing at our school’s “Tuesday Talk with Teachers.” I can’t wait to share this site with staff in my school. I think the videos are a great way to supplement their lessons and get students hooked on the topics they are going to learn about. The best argument for this website and why it is valuable was when I started a lesson late last week with one of these videos and the one grade 8 student hit her friend on the shoulder sitting beside her and said, “Oh I love these!” and gave her attention fully to the screen.

If you have made it this far in my blog thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read it. I am curious what is your favorite ted talk you have ever watched? Or if you had to give a ted talk what would the topic be about? Mine? It would be about BLOB’s (baseline Out Of Bounds plays in basketball…screen the screener!)

8 thoughts on “The One Where He Found Lessons Worth Sharing

  1. As always, I really enjoyed reading your post! I enjoyed following along to how you created a lesson. I did not make it that far. I am excited to try this though. I found quite a videos that were interesting both in presentation and the topic. As for my favourite TED Talk… this is one that has always stuck with me….


  2. Wow! Again, everyone that has looked more into TED Ed has really loved it. I used it in my classroom but definitely not to the extent that I should be. The way that you talk about it in your review has me thinking that I need to utilize it better and also do a better job of learning more about it and the full potential it holds. Although I don’t have a specific video that I like to watch, I always like to hear what Bill Gates has to say.


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